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DeepJeb Lives!

Sort of… but let’s begin from all the way back, a whole week ago. I challenged myself to learn how to code an “A.I.” this year. That’s - next to 1440p - one of my new year’s resolutions! (haha) So where do I begin… Let’s begin to get a very basic understanding of how modern A.I. or neural nets work. They are actually not that modern and used fo... Read more

Rocket Launch Briefing 11/2018

First up in November was a Chinese Long March 3B. The rocket has 3 core stages, 4 strap-on boosters and an optional 4th stage which is only used to kick navigation satellites into their medium earth orbits. This was not the case on this particular mission despite the satellite being from type BeiDou, which is meant to enhance the chinese GPS. Ho... Read more

A " Brief " Introduction

Rocket Launch Briefings will initially give you a quick or brief overview about a month’s rocket launches. I have not yet decided whether I will cover them monthly or weekly but monthly is definitely a more eye catchy format I think. “Rocket Launch Briefing - November 2018” sounds more like something people would watch in retrospect. Meaning, it... Read more

What is SpaceX Starlink?

The dotted white outer rim to the sides shows regular communication satellites in a geosynchronous orbit. There are roughly 500 or these currently in orbit and most of you will know them from satellite television. Yep, that’s where you point your dishes at. The ISS orbits much more closely at 400 km, in fact it’s so close you wouldn’t even notic... Read more

How Dangerous are Black Holes?

Black Holes are among the most mysterious objects in the sky but, how dangerous are they? I want to explore this question in this logbook entry and give you are quick summary of how I understand the topic. Please be aware that I’m not an astrophysicist and can only share my view which may have som flaws! My main inspiration is the thought of suc... Read more