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A " Brief " Introduction

Rocket Launch Briefings will initially give you a quick or brief overview about a month’s rocket launches. I have not yet decided whether I will cover them monthly or weekly but monthly is definitely a more eye catchy format I think. “Rocket Launch Briefing - November 2018” sounds more like something people would watch in retrospect. Meaning, it’s not that much effort to watch 12 episodes in order to get an overview about a full year, rather than 52 episodes! I will of course pick out topics I find most interesting and make separate videos about them in the other new video format I currently call my “Video Logbook” aka. a Vlog. I will talk rather casually about something while playing back an animation that I got inspired to. Nothing too fancy and also rather compact!

Briefings will have a reoccuring scene where the camera moves through a futuristic hallway. I’ll try to get more SciFi vibes going on in the future! As the camera moves forward it will swivel left and right to check out each individual rocket, its payload and stats. While it does so I will in good old kNews tradition enhance the experience with original animations, real imagery or other fitting things. I’m already a big fan of this format and can’t wait to share it with you! The first one will be as already mentioned about November 2018 and I am currently finishing it up so stay tuned for that!

All of this will evolve over time but if you know my videos than you know that if I do one thing, then it is to never be satisfied with how something looks. I have never released two videos without any kind of progress going on. These are often small nuances but sometimes also radical changes as the new Briefings and Vlogs will be! The main reason and driver behind this is not the progress itself though. I had some serious issues as my videos have gotten so complex that it simply took ages to finish them. Each was such a big project that it took almost a month or part time work to get it done. That’s just too much! I hope introducing these changes will not only make it better from a viewers perspective but also better when it comes to production and rendering effort. We’ll see how it goes!