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About Me

This page is meant to give you a little insight into what is going on in my head to get to know me a little better, without spewing large quantities private data across the internet.

Who are you?

My name is Lukas, I’m from Germany and I create videos, renditions and other extremely artistic deeds that I post online 😜. My age? Well.. let’s say I’m not 20 anymore but also not 40 yet. I don’t share much private information about me and that is mostly because I try to be some kind of “positive example” for an anonymous person on the internet. Anonymity has gotten a lot of criticism in the recent past as bad actors keep abusing it, but I hope that it will sort itself out all by itself as people gain an awareness for what they support with their attention. You don’t like clickbait? Then don’t click it! Nothing will and should change that in my opinion and I don’t even see clickbait or sensationalism as “bad” in general. I’m just personally tired of it.

What’s your goal?

The goal here and on all my other sites is to provide an alternative for all those who want to escape the sensationalism and the hunt for the next big trend which keeps big parts of the internet in custody. I’m glad for every source that keeps the candle that is independent reporting lit and I want to be a part of it! I know I’m not perfect but I try as good as I can to stay away from “it” and just create original content that is created independently, as if the rest of the online world would not exist. At least when it comes headlines and overall narrative. If you want to escape your social media bubble, I want to be a good place to visit!

How much do you make?

You may wonder how I can afford to make content online without putting monetary gains first? The answer is quite simple as the income I generate online is 100% supplemental and I am not dependent on it (yet). As of December 2018 that is below $100 USD per month so there is still at least a factor of 10-20 between how it is now and doing it full time. If you want to get a good estimate of what I earn simply check my Patreon page as this is my main source of income. Ad revenue on YouTube is second and selling merch is third by a long shot! Selling merch is actually much more difficult than I thought but I won’t give up! The main difficulty is to design something that has never been designed before by anyone to avoid being sued over copyrights. Yep, that means the more popular of a topic I chose the higher the chance for somebody else to have done it before. That’s just to give you a small insight into making merch designs. It’s really not that simple without legal staff!

What was/is your life like?

To sum up my life so far I would say I’m pretty average. I went to school without major issues, got my vocational training (good old craftsman), went to army for a couple years, came back and decided to study at my local university - part time. Sadly, a few years down the road I had gotten really unhappy with it mostly because of the way studying works over here. It was simply not what I expected studying to be. I thought I could learn whatever I wanted, sit in the library all day sucking up everything I found interesting, while seeking a path that would lead to a career. Looking back maybe it could’ve been like that, had I tried harder to do my own thing or if I had gone to a better faculty, but I ended up dropping out as it seemed impossible at that time. Though, I still got a lot of great education out of it as I never studied nearly as hard as I did in University. Most importantly I learned a lot about how the world works and also discovered all kinds of new interests ranging from making videos to cycling. Comparing myself to who I was before college I’d say I almost did a 180 and see life much differently as I did before.

So what’s next?

My new goal for the upcoming months and years is to produce way more content. I’m currently building the foundation to make videos faster without dropping in quality, but by removing unnecessary hurdles! I have set up so many that I have forgotten why. Just one of many examples is that I started to edit a video with placeholders. I made a small image that represented the scene, put it into the video editor so that I knew how many frames I had to render and so on. This was of course not bad as it gave me a plan and I knew what I had to render, but it took hours without actually being of any use afterwards! I have now tracked all the activities down that consume a lot of time but do not directly contribute to a video. I also want to standardize my main video format, which is going to be the monthly rocket launch briefing. I may return to a weekly schedule on that once I have it figured out! We’ll see. Important is that I don’t have to come up with dozens of new clips, and instead have one repeating scene that I can tweak and supplement with animations.

Okay, that shall be it for now. I hope you got to know me a little better and I’ll keep improving this page over time. My website has gotten a small update recently and I’m also changing up my video format entirely for 2019 so stay tuned!