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Imprint / Legal Info

It’s all my fault, please don’t sue me! I am responsible for the content published on this website including the subdomains, the YouTube channel, my Patreon page and the Twitter account @kNewsSpace.

I do not intent to violate anyone’s copyrights. If you find an infringement please contact me and I will correct the error as fast as possible. This website is under development and things are about to change. I can not guarantee for the site to be constantly available and for content once added not to disapear again.

I am very cautious with posting links to external websites and check every single one of them. However, content on websites I link to may change and I don’t make opinions and views of these my own. I am also not responsible for their publications and you visit these sites on your own risk.

The crafts you see in my videos are just KSP representations made by myself. These are not 100% accurate models of the real vehicles. I can also not guarantee for the correctness of the information I give so please, do not rely heavily on it. I provide this information in all conscience but mistakes happen. If you find a flaw or disagree please share your feedback in the comment section of the video or simply write me an email.

What about your privacy?

I take your privacy very seriously and personally don’t collect any data on my site. I don’t care where you are browsing from, what sites you have visted before mine, how your mouse cursor moves across my site, what tabs you have open other than mine, what cookies you have in your browser and so on. Some sites collect all this data but I don’t. Now of course, it would be a little naive to believe that my site is free from data collection. I use services like the chat below my posts, some analytics to see if my site is visited at all, Google fonts - which apperently collect data too - and stuff I am maybe not entirely aware of. I’m not sure what my domain provider collects for example. The point is: I don’t save data about you conciously and there are no files created on my webspace as you browse it. In fact, I use “Github Pages” to host my website which means it is absolutely static, as any change on files has to be commited through an app. If you know how Github works you know what I mean! The software hosted there does not live on the webserver so to speak which is why I have to link a third-party chat, instead of creating my own! The chat is essentially just a window to another website.

Now, sending me an email means I get yours which is of course personal information too. Please be aware that I as most people use a free email service which probably tracks whatever is written to turn this into monetizable data. If you are a Patreon supporter (thanks!) I am also given your email address. I do download their accounting form which includes latter and also your Patreon name. I print this information out and put it in a folder as I have to keep it for at least 10 years according to german tax law. The remains on my computer are deleted as I can always access it on Patreon anyways.

I think that’s all you need to know when it comes to your privacy on my pages. I know this stuff sounds scary, but if you browse any social media or website in general this is nothing out of the oridinary! I try to decrease the amount of data collected as much as possible and the reason can be summed up with a saying: Running away from a lion you don’t have to be the fastest, just faster than the slowest! 😂 Have a nice one!

Contact: kNewsLukas [at] outlook [dot] com