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Video Logbook

DeepJeb Lives!

Sort of… but let’s begin from all the way back, a whole week ago. I challenged myself to learn how to code an “A.I.” this year. That’s - next to 1440p - one of my new year’s resolutions! (haha) So where do I begin… Let’s begin to get a very basic understanding of how modern A.I. or neural nets work. They are actually not that modern and used fo... more

What is SpaceX Starlink?

The dotted white outer rim to the sides shows regular communication satellites in a geosynchronous orbit. There are roughly 500 or these currently in orbit and most of you will know them from satellite television. Yep, that’s where you point your dishes at. The ISS orbits much more closely at 400 km, in fact it’s so close you wouldn’t even notic... more

How Dangerous are Black Holes?

Black Holes are among the most mysterious objects in the sky but, how dangerous are they? I want to explore this question in this logbook entry and give you are quick summary of how I understand the topic. Please be aware that I’m not an astrophysicist and can only share my view which may have som flaws! My main inspiration is the thought of suc... more

SpaceX Second Stage Reuse!

This logbook entry is about Falcon’s not yet but hopefully soon reusable upper stage. As every space enthusiast is aware of, SpaceX is recovering and reusing their first stage boosters. The first stage turns around and guides itself like a missile after separation, using grid fins to hit its target drone ship out in the ocean. Then, just before ... more

SpaceX BFR Issues Explained!

Elon Musk recently unveiled SpaceX new BFR design to bring humans to Mars and how to fund it. In this logbook entry I want to share my thoughts on 3 commonly pointed out issues which raise a lot of questions. You are of course free to share your view and I’m looking forward to some debates! Issue Number 1: The SpaceShip is too small to fit 10... more